Thursday, January 14, 2010


Fascinators are cute little miniature hats or combs that are often decorated with ribbons, feathers, or any crafty decorations. I will take you through the step of creating one of these adorable hats.

The first step is to purchase a pre-made buckram form or cut a piece of buckram to make your own. In order to manipulate the buckram you need to dampen it with water. I use a spray bottle or a mister. You can use a head form or any object to mold the buckram into the shape that you desire.
The next step is to attach a wire to the edge of the buckram. You can use a whip stitch or a blanket stitch to secure the wire. After the wire is attached to the edge of the shape, use a bias cut, light weight buckram to enclose the wire. Use a running stitch and make sure that you sew on both sides.

At this point you can cover the form with a soft fabric like batting or a soft felt or interfacing. This will depend on what fabric you will be using to cover the buckram. I used an iridescent satin, so I will not use any interlining. I cut the fabric in a circular shape, leaving enough of an edge to go around the form. (about a half of an inch) I then used a running or gathering stitch around the fabric.

After stitching around the fabric with the running stitch, pull the thread to gather the fabric around the form. After the fabric has been gathered around the form it should look like this. Now you are ready to decorate the form.

I used a green wired ribbon that picks up on the green tones in the iridescent fabric. I looped and twisted the ribbon, then secured it with pins. I attached the ribbon to the form with regular all purpose thread. I continued to loop the ribbon, attaching it to the form with small secure stitches.

I continued to loop the ribbon, attaching it to the form with small secure stitches.

A comb, a wired head band or elastic can be attached to the underside of the buckram to secure the fascinator to your head. I added two rhinestone buttons to add a little sparkle.

I love fascinators because they are cute and adorable little gems. Unfortunately I don't see a enough women in DC who will wear a fascinator and dare to be different. I am working on changing that.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I started blocking this hat on a slanted block, but I wasn't happy with the
way it was looking, so I elongated the side and flipped up the back. I didn't want to add a flower because I thought it would make the hat look too formal. I wanted it to be dressy but casual and I think I achieved that look even with the feather.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I'm not sure who designed this hat. I found it on the internet. I love this hat because it is an expample of the kind of millinery that I admire. This is truly wearable art. I like how the milliner infuses the old with the new. The top hat is a classic shape, but with the use of the modern veiling, it makes the hat easy to fit into today's fashion. I like hats that are unique, but not over the top or too dramatic. Cheers to the designer. Keep up the good work!


Here is another cloche that I designed. I like this hat because it has a split personality. On one side it is calm and demure. On the other side it's bold and unexpected. I also like the contrast of the two colors and the 3 dimentional daisy that seems to pop off the hat. You could not be a wall flower if you wore this hat because you would get a lot of attention.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


One of my favorite hat shapes is the cloche. I like the deep crown and the slanted brim. It makes you look as though you are peeping from under the hat. The cloche is also called the bell cloche because of it shape. This chic style was made popular in the 1920's by flappers. It was often embellished with contrasting bands, beautiful bugel beads or antique brooches. I like to update this vintage style hat so it can easily be incorporated into today's fashions. This hat is also great for cold weather because it completely covers your head and ears. For my latest creation, I used this classic shape, but kept it modern by complimenting it with a self band and a sculpted spiral design. The next time you are thinking of updating your hat wardrobe, try a cloche.