Saturday, January 9, 2010


Here is another cloche that I designed. I like this hat because it has a split personality. On one side it is calm and demure. On the other side it's bold and unexpected. I also like the contrast of the two colors and the 3 dimentional daisy that seems to pop off the hat. You could not be a wall flower if you wore this hat because you would get a lot of attention.


  1. Hello Millinery,

    This is a duplicate comment to you that I posted on my blog because I really don't know if people go back to read responses.

    Thanks Millinery,

    I was lucky enough to take classes from seasoned couture milliners. My dream is to pass those skills on. I was also impressed with your work. I noticed the brim on one of your hats--no stitches showing! Wonderful! Your comments inspire me to continue sharing.

    Thank you, thank you;


  2. Thank you for noticing. That is how I was taught. I was once told that I would not be able to succeed in business if I worked in this manner. But to me, it looks better and that is what separate couture milliners from mass produced hats. I very rarely use machines. I'm glad to find that you do the same. Cheers. Adella