Thursday, January 14, 2010


Fascinators are cute little miniature hats or combs that are often decorated with ribbons, feathers, or any crafty decorations. I will take you through the step of creating one of these adorable hats.

The first step is to purchase a pre-made buckram form or cut a piece of buckram to make your own. In order to manipulate the buckram you need to dampen it with water. I use a spray bottle or a mister. You can use a head form or any object to mold the buckram into the shape that you desire.
The next step is to attach a wire to the edge of the buckram. You can use a whip stitch or a blanket stitch to secure the wire. After the wire is attached to the edge of the shape, use a bias cut, light weight buckram to enclose the wire. Use a running stitch and make sure that you sew on both sides.

At this point you can cover the form with a soft fabric like batting or a soft felt or interfacing. This will depend on what fabric you will be using to cover the buckram. I used an iridescent satin, so I will not use any interlining. I cut the fabric in a circular shape, leaving enough of an edge to go around the form. (about a half of an inch) I then used a running or gathering stitch around the fabric.

After stitching around the fabric with the running stitch, pull the thread to gather the fabric around the form. After the fabric has been gathered around the form it should look like this. Now you are ready to decorate the form.

I used a green wired ribbon that picks up on the green tones in the iridescent fabric. I looped and twisted the ribbon, then secured it with pins. I attached the ribbon to the form with regular all purpose thread. I continued to loop the ribbon, attaching it to the form with small secure stitches.

I continued to loop the ribbon, attaching it to the form with small secure stitches.

A comb, a wired head band or elastic can be attached to the underside of the buckram to secure the fascinator to your head. I added two rhinestone buttons to add a little sparkle.

I love fascinators because they are cute and adorable little gems. Unfortunately I don't see a enough women in DC who will wear a fascinator and dare to be different. I am working on changing that.


  1. Wonderful color and design.



  2. just ran across your blog....I love the fabulous colors and elegant design. Looking forward to more!

  3. Sorry that I have not been able to post. I have been so busy. I will try to post more soon.

  4. great tutorial! thanks! do you use anything to line the back of the fascinator?

  5. Adella,

    I enjoyed your blog. It was great to find another individual just as fascinated with fascinators as I am and who shares the frustration that more women do not wear them. I have a line of pill box hats that I am currently working on with plans for a true fascinator or two among them.

    They will be added t0 my online store front and we'll see what happens.

    As for your comment about studying millinery around the world, I share your dream. There is a terrific lady who designs fascinators and hats in Austrailia. She has a well respected school also. I will grab her information and post it here for you to look at.

    Her videos on youtube are delicious.

    Keep your hat up and thanks for sharing your blog....

  6. Hi! love your Fascinators!! You mentioned the lack of woman wearing them...Join a "Red Hats" group, they have them on all the time!! Even if you are under fifty you can still be a red hatter but you are called a Pinkie and make pink fascinators. xo Your Queen Hattie from Montreal chapter of the Red Hats, "The Four Agreements"